"When IMG first began operations we did not have any particular expectations on how the business venture would develop. However, after working with them over the last eight years, we realize what an effective business relationship should be. Not only that IMG is very involved in assisting us to design the best service we could provide to our patients, but are also very understanding of our community needs and always there to partner with us to provide more education and services that are very essential for our communities. Thank you IMG for all your support."
- Novira Irawan, MBA, Chief Operating / Financial Officer, National Health Services, Inc. Medical Group and recipient of the 2007 Medi-Cal Excellent Performance Award, you can rest assured our members come first.


Independence Medical Group is committed to providing you a high level of service, education and care.

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Confidentiality Notice: Any communication, and any files attached, MUST not contain confidential information or Personal Health Information (PHI) in accordance with HIPAA and other regulations. Please contact your IMG representative if you have PHI that needs to be sent to IMG. You may also email us at info@indmedgroup.com but do NOT email PHI to this email address.

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