Independence Medical Group is contracted with the below listed Urgent Care Centers. They are all available for your after hours urgent care needs. Authorization is NOT required for services provided after hours at these centers.

Luis Ruiz-Restrepo, M.D., Inc. Phone: (661) 822-1004
116 West E Street Fax:
Tehachapi Hours: M-F 5:30pm 8:30pm
Northeast Walk-In Clinic Phone: (661) 616-5810
2601 Oswell Street, #101 Fax: (661) 616-5747
Bakersfield Hours: M-F 5:30pm 9:00pm
Pedi-Center Phone: (661) 410-9500
9900 Stockdale Highway, #105 Fax: (661) 410-9501
Bakersfield Hours: M-F 5:30pm 9:30pm
    Sat. & Sun. 9:00am 9:00pm
Susan J.P. Hall, M.D. Phone: (661) 822-4421
432A West J Street Fax: (661) 822-6250
Tehachapi Hours: Sat. Only 9:00am 12:00pm
Vernon C. Sorenson, M.D., Inc. Phone: (661) 326-0088
3838 San Dimas, #B-100 Fax: (661) 326-1186
Bakersfield Hours: M-Sun. 7:00am 7:00pm

Confidentiality Notice: Any communication, and any files attached, MUST not contain confidential information or Personal Health Information (PHI) in accordance with HIPAA and other regulations. Please contact your IMG representative if you have PHI that needs to be sent to IMG. You may also email us at but do NOT email PHI to this email address.

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