Independence Medical Group is committed to providing our members with the highest levels of service, education and healthcare.

Independence Medical Group has proudly served Kern County since 2000. With experience in both rural and urban communities, we understand this area.

And as an Honor Roll Participating Medical Group and recipient of the 2007 Medi-Cal Excellent Performance Award, you can rest assured our members come first.

And that's not all — we've been honored in other ways including Highest Performing California Group, Medi-Cal Well Child Visits and Highest Performing California Group, Physical Exam Wellness Checks. We’ve also been recognized for Excellent Performance on an After Hours Access Survey, highlighting the areas of giving clear instructions for emergency situations and giving clear instructions to contact a healthcare professional for urgent issues.

We believe experience shows and it's why so many Kern County residents trust Independence Medical Group for their care.

"As a provider and Medical Director of National Health Services, Inc, I am truly pleased to see the growth of IMG in Kern County. IMG has provided a great panel of providers, specialty providers and hospitals for our patients to choose from. They are always very flexible, personable, dependable and responsive to our needs. Thank you IMG for a job well done!"
-Nassef Henein, MD, Medical Director, National Health Services, Inc.


Confidentiality Notice: Any communication, and any files attached, MUST not contain confidential information or Personal Health Information (PHI) in accordance with HIPAA and other regulations. Please contact your IMG representative if you have PHI that needs to be sent to IMG. You may also email us at but do NOT email PHI to this email address.

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