"Our Provider Relations Representative always replies to any questions or doubts, and addresses concerns we may have in a professional manner. Independence Medical Group is prompt with processing authorizations, if there is ever an issue someone is always willing to help and go out of their way to make sure our patients get the care needed."
- Dr. Mirna Chambi

"One of the best thing about working with IMG is the staff. They are always ready and willing to help our patients in a timely manner. We love their friendliness, quick response and ability to get the job done. Thanks IMG."
- Dr. Alan Dakak

"I am a new provider with Independence Medical Group and have found the group to be very quick to answer any questions I may have. Authorizations regarding procedures or referrals are very easy to conduct online and responses are quick and can be checked anytime. Contracting and Network Management are always ready to assist with anything concerning patients at any time of the day. I also appreciate that IMG is always there to support various activities that the clinics holds. Of course, they also make sure that the doctors get to have some fun!"
- Dr. Archie Bella

"Riverwalk Pediatric Clinic consist of seven health care providers who established a partnership with IMG from its inception. We have a very large patient population that at times can be complicated. Nevertheless, IMG has always helped with any matters that arise. The Medical Group is compassionate in working in unison with the practice resulting in the best possible care to their members."
- Dr. Hasmukh Amin


Confidentiality Notice: Any communication, and any files attached, MUST not contain confidential information or Personal Health Information (PHI) in accordance with HIPAA and other regulations. Please contact your IMG representative if you have PHI that needs to be sent to IMG. You may also email us at info@indmedgroup.com but do NOT email PHI to this email address.

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